About Us

City Recycling have been granulating and recycling plastics for over 15 years during which time we have built strong and long lasting relationships with our customers.

To achieve this, we have to offer our customers a competitive and fair pricing structure, along with the highest level of service, which we believe builds the trust necessary for repeat business.

City Recycling weigh each load to ensure accurate and fair payment to our customers and all of our premises are monitored by CCTV for security and to achieve the quickest turn around for vehicles.

We deal with a wide range of business types and sizes and endeavour to react quickly to your recycling needs. If we can, we will.

  • Plastics recycling
  • Toll Work
  • Cardboard & Paper Recycling
  • Storage Space

Why Choose Us

What sets us above the rest?

We have two factory units, each of 60,000 sq ft, offering storage & warehousing and serviced by a fleet of fork lift trucks, where we operate our plastics granulating machinery which currently produces around 80 tonnes per week, depending on granulate size required.

We also handle a considerable amount of toll work and have staff available to remove contaminates such as metal inserts, sub assemblies etc. Just contact City Recycling to discuss your needs or if you require further advice.

As well as plastics, we purchase and collect any recyclable cardboard or paper waste, either compacted or loose from your site, which often save companies the considerable expense of skip hire and removal for such a low cost product. Cardboard can be either delivered to our factory site for compacting or collected at our mutual convenience.
City Storage & Recycling offers a bespoke Professional service based on the requirement of your business. We operate strict stock management procedures and transparent inventory reporting.

Our company offers competitive pricing, based on individual customer requirements, and is operated by a professionally run team who are very accommodating to your every requirement 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Doing Our Bit

We have a social and economic obligation to find cost effective solutions to today’s massive recycling issues to ensure that we, and the planet, have a future.

To this end we have joined the growing membership of PIRAP to discuss and promote initiatives with large companies and local government offices to reduce the overall use of non-recyclable plastics and find solutions to reduce the adverse impact on our environment.

Click the PIRAP logo below for more information:

Our Values

We operate industry best practice procedures with constant review of performance and training, along with investment in equipment, to increase our efficiency to strive for continuous improvement.

Our aim is to achieve customer satisfaction and build strong working relationships, and by believing in ourselves, our quality of product and service, we hope to build a business ready to meet the demands of our customers, the environment and our children’s future.